The Time Is Now: Just Do it Already!!

This first post is like ripping off the bandaid.   I have been procrastinating over launching this blog enough and the time is now.   This is about stepping into my own power and believing in myself. I am allowing myself to be expand and grow from this point on. Getting out of my own way.

I have been hiding behind this mask of fear for too long.   Listening to the negative voices in my voice in my head “You’re a nobody! Who cares what you think?”  Imagine that – the voices in my head have been my worst enemy all along. I know others can relate.

So today,  I’m pushing the launch button on my Blog site.   Put this post into the Universe – Let this healing energy vibrate at the highest frequency of Love and Light. I Am Ready.

I am ready to share my authentic self and my authentic journey.   Even when my ego mind makes me squirm and I feel vulnerable.

These words are from my Spirit; My Divine Inner Light core … that I share with all forms of Spirit on this planet.  We are ALL connected by the One Source … One Creator. May the energy in the messages from this blog reach those who need it. And So it is.

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